Virtual Paper Cut & Fold

Make snowflake patterns, learn how to create a five-pointed star with a single cut (like Betsy Ross) and more!

This app was originally posted in 2002 as flash movie, and then became a java applet, where it stayed for ten years. You can still try the applet, but we found it was difficult to ensure that it would work for everyone given the state of Java in the browser and especially applets in the browser, as browsers continually evolve. So now there's an HTML5/Canvas version. It doesn't have the ability to save yet, but I'll probably add that soon.

Here are the basic rules:

Java applet links

Instructions for our online paper folding activity are below; or you can go straight to the gallery to see what others have been up to and start folding paper online yourself! Or - jump right in and make a flake: from prefolded paper (easiest); with folding guidelines; from scratch (for experts).