Play the scrapple word game against the computer, or play a solo game and try to achieve the perfect score. You will need to have installed a Java runtime environment (at least version 1.5) to use this applet-based program.

Don’t feel bad if Scrappler is hard to beat. On expert level it will simply play the highest scoring possible play, given its rack. On less difficult levels it plays with a simulated mental block, making errors in a kind-of naturalistically random way, but still may play quite obscure or high-scoring words. Note that the levels were re-jiggered today (12/16) to make them a bit more easy-going (except for expert).

(ooh – late breaking bug: if you ask scrappler for the best possible score or play, it will make mistakes – due to its built-in mental blockage – when playing on any level other than expert)

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