My Long Trail

I began to realize how excited I was only a couple of days before I left. I could hardly sleep for thinking about my upcoming trip. Meal plans and other logistical details kept spinning through my brain; the last I checked the clock was 3:55 AM. This is actually good I think. I’d been casting […]

Zigzag wrapup

Phew – the polyurethane was drying on my last Zigzag chair while I wrote this post. It’s been a fascinating process, and I’ve learned a lot. Some questions got answered: the chair does not collapse under you when you sit on it, as numerous testers have confirmed, although it does bounce in a way that […]

ZigZag fanny test #1

It’s been a while since my last update; I’ve been traveling, and I hit some snags in the production line. It turned out that the clever joint I created just wasn’t going to work, and I decided I really did need to bolt the acutely-angled zigzag joints, as shown in the first fully assembled chair […]

All seated

Finished up the joints for the remaining seats this weekend. Ellen didn’t think I was giving an honest portrayal of the working conditions in my shop, so here’s a full view, showing all eight seats in situ. I’m relieved to have finished these joints, probably one of the more exacting tasks in this project. The […]

first few joints

I forgot to post these awesome photos of the zigzag bevels from a few weeks back. It was a joy cutting them with a new supersmooth sawblade with lots of teeth. The clamps hold the piece tight to a board that slides along the saw’s fence. Without this only a tiny edge would be riding […]

half-blind compound dovetail

Just a quick update on my progress; I bought myself a new 1/2″ dovetail router bit ($20), and got to work cutting the joints. Almost half the time spent planning, setting up, and cutting tests. The first picture below shows the setup: In the next picture you can see the results of a few hours […]

zigzag chairs

Some friends (well, one friend) expressed some interest in the chair project I crowed about on facebook recently. So I decided to document the project here. The idea of making a Rietveld Zig-Zag chair was my father’s: he conceived a desire for one, and bought some books and plans. I think he was attracted by […]


I recently registered with Why? It was cheap. Lesson learned (again) – there’s always a reason for cheap. I eventually decided to consolidate this domain with some others I have registered at (an excellent provider). When I tried to transfer, I found out you need an authorization code to effect the transfer. […]